Vibration Therapy

Whole body vibration therapy for improved athletic performance and overall wellbeing.

What is Vibration Therapy?

Whether you’re a professional, amateur, or weekend athlete, or are simply looking to get your body into better shape, vibration plate therapy and training may be an appropriate treatment option for you. 

While standing on a flat plate, the vibration therapy machine releases small vibrations that create instability in your body. This forces your body to readjust to physical changes several times per minute. But it isn’t simply lateral movements in play. 

The vibration machine works on a three-dimensional scale and oscillates on three planes to ensure your entire body is affected. 

The results? In as little as 15 minutes per physical therapy appointment, you can see tremendous results in several areas of your physical performance and overall wellbeing, including balance, stability, stamina, strength, endurance, and reaction time. 

Vibration Therapy & Your Total Treatment Plan

We may be biased, but we appreciate vibration therapy for many reasons. Outside of it proving to be incredibly beneficial for patients, vibration therapy has no real prerequisite. Patients in various levels of physical fitness, weight, and stage of life can benefit. 

Sports-specific improvement is also an enormous benefit athletes typically experience from vibration therapy. It’s no wonder that sports therapists, physical therapists, and even doctors are incorporating vibration therapy into various athletic treatment plans.

Vibration Therapy Techniques & Areas of Improvement

Vibration therapy is often be an appropriate treatment inclusion in various patients’ care plans. By tailoring the therapy to your body, goals, needs, pain level, and athletic demands, we can help you make new levels of progress.Some common benefits of vibration therapy include but are not limited to:

❖ Increased muscle strength
❖ Increased flexibility
❖ Increased range of motion
❖ Increased bone density
❖ Decreased cellulite
❖ Decreased pain
❖ Decreased soreness
❖ Better workouts in a shorter amount of time
❖ More complete recovery for post-surgical rehabilitation
❖ Faster recovery times 

Comprehensive Physical Care In a Single Location

Our Mountain Green, North Ogden, and Layton Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Clinics staff only the best and most experienced vibration therapy experts in order to provide you with the best treatment and outcomes possible. 

Our clinics are designed to provide each aspect of your care plan under one roof and in a single appointment. No need to schedule vibration therapy treatments separately from the rest of your physical therapy treatments. We’ll work together to honor your time, your needs, your comfort level, and your pace of progress in an environment that’s healthy, warm, friendly, and safe, promoting your overall health at every stage of your journey.

Schedule a Vibration Therapy Consultation

Discuss your physical condition, pain level, and athletic goals with one of our experienced practitioners to see if vibration therapy is right for you.