Neck Pain Treatment

Reduce neck pain and prevent future neck injuries with targeted physical therapy treatment.

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Neck Pain Treatment

The vast majority of the population will suffer from neck pain at some point in our lives. When you’re dealing with neck pain, muscles can be sore to the touch. Limited mobility and consistent pain throughout the day and night are also common.

We’ll work with you to address the precise causes of your neck pain to develop a personalized path to pain reduction and recovery.

“After only 2 weeks, I feel so much better”

“I’ve been dealing with neck pain from whiplash for the past 7 years. Included with that was a headache I’ve had for 4 years straight. Since coming to (Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine), I’ve had multiple days without headaches. I feel like I can move again without being in pain. After only 2 weeks, I feel so much better than when I came to them. The staff is amazing. They are extremely nice, they remember you and it feels like such a safe environment. Thanks to them, I’m on the road to no pain.”
-Kasidy E.
Layton Location

Neck Pain Physical Therapy Treatment Plan

Every neck injury is unique and requires a tailored plan based on the severity of the injury, how much time has passed since the original injury, and the level of pain you’re experiencing. 

If your neck pain isn’t related to an injury, surgery, or car accident, we’ll work to understand the elements of your lifestyle and work habits that may be resulting in prolonged neck pain.

Depending on your specific injury or cause of neck pain, there are many treatment options that may be appropriate. We’ve seen tremendous success in treating multiple injury and neck pain causes with dry needling, a simple treatment that can result in immediate pain reduction, increased mobility, and sustained movement.

Neck Pain Treatment Focuses & Impact

From injury to basic lifestyle factors, there are a wide variety of things that may be causing your neck pain. Some of the most common neck pain causes we treat include but are not limited to:

❖ Poor posture
❖ No exercise
❖ Spine degeneration
❖ Muscle imbalance
❖ Misaligned spine
❖ Osteoarthritis
❖ Whiplash sustained in car accidents
❖ Muscle strain related to sports or motion activity
❖ Improper sleep

Regardless of the cause of your neck pain, our experienced staff will create the proper physical therapy treatment plan that will get you back to feeling your best. 

Total Physical Care in a Single Location

Whether you’re suffering from neck pain alone or have multiple causes of concern throughout your body, we’ll take care of you from head to toe. Our staff is equipped with dozens of years of experience treating the most severe to the most common injuries and muscle issues through effective physical therapy modalities. 

We’ll work together to honor your time, your needs, your comfort level, and your pace of progress in a private, healthy, warm, friendly, and safe environment, promoting your overall health at every stage of your recovery.

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