Prevent Old Injury Flare Up

Prevent past injuries from making a reappearance with effective physical therapy

Physical Therapy and Injury Maintenance

It’s true that no two injuries are the same. Based on the nature of your injury and your age, physical demands, and the treatment you received at the time, some injuries and their effects just stick around longer than others. While we can’t turn back the clock, we can prevent old and recent injuries from getting worse and causing bigger problems. Throughout your treatment, your physical therapist will work with you on healing old damage, working toward new goals, and preventing old injury flare ups and further injuries.

“On the road to no pain”

“I’ve been dealing with neck pain from whiplash for the past 7 years. Included with that was a headache I’ve had for 4 years straight. Since coming to (Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine), I’ve had multiple days without headaches. I feel like I can move again without being in pain. After only 2 weeks, I feel so much better than when I came to them. The staff is amazing. They are extremely nice, they remember you and it feels like such a safe environment. Thanks to them, I’m on the road to no pain.”
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Personalized Injury Maintenance Treatment

Most of the patients we treat for older injuries are those that have suffered damage to their backs, necks, shoulders, and/or knees. Many are due to sports injuries, but other common causes include auto accidents, general over or underuse, slip and falls, and even routine daily

There is no one reason that determines why pain from old injuries tends to flare up more in certain areas or for certain people. That’s why each injury maintenance plan we create is done
hand-in-hand with the person it’s for. We get to know your lifestyle, daily routines, pain level, injury history, and physical goals to develop treatment methods that are right for you.

Managing and Reducing Injury-Related Symptoms

We understand that most injuries don’t affect just the joint, tendon, disc, or part of the body they’re in. Symptoms of old injuries can include headaches, migraines, muscle tightness, nerve pain, referral pain, stiffness, and general feelings of pain throughout the body, among others. We’re here to prevent old injury flare ups. 

We take a full and repeating view of your injury, related symptoms, and the other pain or discomfort you’re experiencing to treat far more than just the location of initial damage. This process can help reduce symptoms brought on by additional muscle strain, tension, scar tissue, poor surgical recovery, and many other issues.

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