Chronic Headache Treatment

Understand what’s causing your headaches and get the care you need to eliminate them.

Chronic Headache Treatment at Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

It’s a little-known fact that physical therapists can aid in the treatment of chronic headaches, as well as other musculoskeletal pain or injury. However, it’s important to understand precisely what’s at the root of your headaches to determine if physical therapy is an acceptable and viable treatment method.

Your initial evaluation will help us determine whether our team of specialists will be able to help you recover and get the relief you need with physical therapy.

“I’ve been able to stop using two of my medications”

“I have suffered from near debilitating headaches for over 20 years and take 8 different medications everyday for them. I have tried medications, surgery, chiropractic care, and bi-weekly shots. None of these seemed to really make a difference. For the last month I have been going to Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine and trying dry needling with electricity and massage therapy. I have not had a bad headache in over 2 weeks now and have been able to stop using 2 of my medications and reduce the use of 1 other.”
-Anton V.
North Ogden Location

Headache Physical Therapy Treatment Plan

Before beginning treatment for your chronic headaches, your physical therapist will perform an initial evaluation to determine what methods to use for your headache relief. By gaining a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of your headaches, your physical therapist will be able to determine if physical therapy is right for your unique situation. 

If your headaches are being caused by small joint problems in your face or neck, or if they are triggered by small muscle spasms and/or general muscle tension, our physical therapists can help.

Headache Treatment Focuses & Impact

Once we’ve determined that physical therapy is a beneficial approach to treating your headaches, we proceed with stretching and manual therapy to alleviate all or some of the pain you’re experiencing due to joint issues, muscle spasms and/or muscle tension.

During treatment, your physical therapist will also look for trigger points that might be contributing to your headaches. Once identified, they will incorporate trigger point treatments to alleviate that cause as well. 

Complete Physical Care In One Location

Our Layton, Mountain Green, and North Ogden Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Clinics staff only the best and most experienced headache experts in order to provide you with the best treatment and outcomes possible. 

Whether being seen for headaches alone or being treated for multiple injuries or areas of pain and discomfort, rest assured you’ll feel comfortable in our clinic environment. We’ll work together to honor your time, your needs, your comfort level, and your pace of progress in a healthy, warm, friendly, and safe environment, promoting your overall health at every stage of your recovery.

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