Dry Needling Physical Therapy

Expert dry needling treatment for pain reduction and increased mobility.

Dry Needling Treatment With Physical Therapy

Dry needling may be a foreign concept to you, but we’ve been practicing the treatment here in our clinics since we opened our doors.

There are many misconceptions around the use of dry needling in physical therapy treatment. While needles may seem like an intimidating and stressful way to go about relieving pain, dry needling typically causes very little discomfort. Our physical therapists are experienced practitioners of dry needling treatment and use this therapy to successfully treat neuromusculoskeletal pain and restricted mobility in problem areas throughout the body. 

Dry Needling & Your Complete Treatment Plan

Dry needling, if appropriate for your injury or condition, is simply one aspect of your full physical therapy care plan. By targeting trigger points in poorly functioning or dysfunctioning muscles, dry needling can help immediately reduce local pain, as well as referral pain throughout your body.

Dry needling is a safe and effective treatment for pain and tension caused by a myriad of conditions and injuries. Together with you, your physical therapist will evaluate the cause of your pain and determine if dry needling is a beneficial inclusion in your complete care plan. 

Dry Needling Techniques & Focus Areas

Dry needling is commonly thought of as a similar treatment to acupuncture. Outside of the tools used in the treatment, however, the two modalities are quite different. Dry needling treatment takes multiple aspects of your body’s state into account. In addition to where you’re feeling the most pain and where the pain may be occurring more subtlety, we look at your past injuries, current physical therapy progress, posture, and sleeping habits to determine if and where throughout your muscle tissue dry needling may make the biggest impact.

Areas / conditions where dry needling is most effective include, but are not limited to:

❖ Foot pain
Knee pain
Ankle pain
❖ Poor posture

❖ Lack of exercise
❖ Degenerative spine conditions 
❖ Spine misalignment
❖ Muscle imbalance

❖ Osteoarthritis
❖ Whiplash / car accidents
❖ Sports or motion injuries
❖ Improper sleep

Whether stemming from sports injuries, car accidents, falls, or daily activities, we want to help you get rid of the pain that’s keeping you from living your best life naturally.

“I’ve been able to stop using two of my medications”

“I have suffered from near debilitating headaches for over 20 years and take 8 different medications everyday for them. I have tried medications, surgery, chiropractic care, and bi-weekly shots. None of these seemed to really make a difference. For the last month I have been going to Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine and trying dry needling with electricity and massage therapy. I have not had a bad headache in over 2 weeks now and have been able to stop using 2 of my medications and reduce the use of 1 other.”
-Anton V.
North Ogden Location

Total Body Treatments In a Single Location

Our Mountain Green, North Ogden, and Layton Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Clinics staff only the best and most experienced dry needling experts in order to provide you with the best treatment and outcomes possible.

Our clinics are designed to provide each aspect of your care plan under one roof and in a single appointment. No need to schedule dry needling treatment separately from the rest of your physical therapy treatments. We’ll work together to honor your time, your needs, your comfort level, and your pace of progress in an environment that’s healthy, warm, friendly, and safe, promoting your overall health at every stage of your journey.

Schedule a Dry Needling Consultation

Meet with one of our experienced physical therapists to determine if dry needling is an appropriate treatment option for your pain.