Massage Therapy Treatment

In-clinic specialized massage therapy services for injury rehabilitation and prevention.

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Massage Therapy

Regardless of the type of pain or injury you’re experiencing, it’s likely you may benefit from massage therapy at our Layton, Mountain Green, or North Ogden physical therapy clinics.

When utilized appropriately and at the proper frequency, massage therapy can reduce injury recovery times, promote overall wellbeing, and reduce the stress and inflammation your body naturally accumulates on a daily basis from performing routine tasks, exercising, travelling, and eating. 

Massage Therapy & Your Total Treatment Plan

While our physical therapists commonly focus on a specific area of your body during rehabilitation and treatment, our massage therapists take your entire body into consideration when developing and delivering a treatment plan.

By alleviating pain, stress, tension and inflammation throughout your entire body, we increase the benefits massage therapy can deliver to the areas in need of the most help. We also help you increase your natural ability to physically invest in your whole physical therapy treatment plan, often reducing the total number of appointments required to get you back to feeling your best.

Our Massage Therapy Techniques

Each of our massage therapists is experienced in a variety of massage therapy techniques, ensuring you get precisely the treatment you need. Our specialties include, but are not limited to:

  • General body tissue massage, focusing on an injured or painful area
  • Sports massage, designed to improve blood circulation, remove lactic acid build-up, and prepare for specific muscle movements related to particular sports and activities
  • Deep tissue massage, designed to calm and relax knotted muscles, break up scar tissue preventing normal movement, and improve overall circulation to reduce pain and inflammation 

Whatever the reason for integrating massage therapy as part of your total treatment plan, our physical therapy massage practitioners are experienced in providing many treatment types with skill, precision, and positive outcomes. By utilizing varying and appropriate levels of pressure and technique, our therapists are able to help your body heal itself through completely natural methods, as well as prevent future injuries. When being seen for massage therapy at any of our three clinic locations, we’ll help you feel better, recover faster, and prepare your body for what’s next.

Whole Body Treatments In One Place

Our Mountain Green, North Ogden, and Layton Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Clinics staff only the best and most experienced physical and massage therapists in order to provide you with the best treatment and outcomes possible. 

Our clinics are designed to provide multiple services, all under one roof and in a single appointment. No need to schedule different parts of your treatment plan in separate sessions. We’ll work together to honor your time, your needs, and your pace of progress in an environment that’s healthy, warm, friendly, and safe, promoting your overall health at every stage of your journey.

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Jumpstart your body’s natural healing capabilities through our holistic massage approach.