Treatment for Car Accident Injuries

Get back to feeling like yourself with customized auto accident physical therapy. 

Physical Therapy and Treatment for Car accident injuries

We know how frustrating and debilitating neck, back, and other injuries can be, especially when caused by a collision. We’ve been treating patients for auto accident-related injuries for several decades, and have seen the powerful effects proper physical therapy treatment can have in keeping pain and subsequent injuries at bay.

There are many common concerns we see in collision-caused injuries, including recovery time, long-term effects, pain management, getting back to work and normal life as quickly as possible, and financial stress. We are here to help with it all.

“Highly recommend them to anyone”

“I was hit by a semi truck back in 2016, then diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. I tried just about every physical therapy place in northern Utah, and Layton Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine was the only place that actually helped. The staff is so nice and understanding, they made it so enjoyable to come in. I always look forward to my appointments, and would highly recommend them to anyone.”
-Jacqueline M.
Layton Location

Shortening Your Car Accident Recovery Time

You can never be seen too soon after an auto accident. Whether your first appointment was with an ER doctor, your personal physician, a chiropractor, or a physical therapist, it’s essential to get the full scope of your physical state and what damage may have occurred in your vehicle accident. 

Only by understanding your complete condition can your recovery time be made as efficient as possible.

Limiting Long-Term Side Effects

Traumatic damage to your neck and back in particular can have long-term effects on your mobility, exercise routines, and pain level, not to mention your everyday life.

From your very first appointment, our goal in treating your auto accident injuries is to minimize or eliminate their long-term effects. By taking a full account of your injuries, physical state, normal routines, exercise habits, previous injuries and surgeries, and current pain and mobility levels, we’re able to create a completely personalized treatment plan based not only on your injury, but on precisely what your body needs.

Auto Accident Pain Management

We’ve seen hundreds of patients affected by car accident injuries that continue to cause pain. Our goal in helping manage pain is to reduce and even eliminate the need to rely on pain medication for everyday activities.

Your physical therapist will work with you from your very first appointment to not only understand your pain level, but where it’s really coming from and what’s necessary to treat it. From stretching and strengthening exercises, to massage therapy and dry needling, your therapist will determine the appropriate treatment plan to reduce your pain and support your path to full recovery.

Getting Back to Normal Life After an Auto Accident

Physical therapy treatment and impact doesn’t start and stop in our clinics. We’ll aid you through the process throughout your appointments, as well as give you instructions for things you can do at home between sessions to accelerate your recovery. 

Auto Accident Insurance Coverage

If you’re unsure of what your insurance or the insurance of the other party will cover, we’re here to help. We’ll speak directly with your provider to help you understand coverage and to get you the very best treatment available.

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