Shoulder Pain Treatment

Get effective and lasting help from shoulder pain and injuries.

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Shoulder Pain Treatment

If you’re suffering from shoulder pain, you know how disruptive this can be. Because your arms are such a big part of everyday function, even the slightest shoulder injuries can make daily life challenging.

We’ll work with you to identify the cause of your shoulder pain, understand your current range of motion, and get you on a path to reach your recovery goals – all in a warm and friendly environment.

“They have earned my trust and restored my hope”

“Only 2 weeks into (shoulder) treatment, I can already feel the pain finally letting up, my mobility and alignment restoring. I am finally turning a corner because they are giving me effective, customized options AND the support I’ve been needing. Patient, respectful, honest, and genuinely seem to care about people living their best lives… They have earned my trust and restored my hope.”
-Rachel K.
North Ogden Location

Shoulder Pain Physical Therapy Treatment Plan

Whether stemming from a sports injury, surgery, fall, medical condition, or daily life, we’re here to help you reduce shoulder pain and get back to doing what you love.

Individualized programs are crucial, as no two shoulder injuries are the same. We’ll tailor a program based on your current state, physical goals, and daily lifestyle and activities, ensuring you can complete the full treatment plan that’s appropriate for you.

Shoulder Pain Treatment Focuses & Impact

We’ve been treating shoulder pain and shoulder injuries for several decades, and understand the numerous challenges associated with healing an area of the body that requires so much regular use. Some of the conditions we see most commonly include but are not limited to:

❖ Tendinitis
❖ Bursitis
❖ Arthritis
❖ Dislocation
❖ Shoulder surgery
❖ Rotator cuff tear
❖ Impingement syndrome
❖ Frozen shoulder
❖ Ligament tears
❖ General muscle strain

Through a combination of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise programs, we’ll help rehabilitate your shoulder and get you back to what you love most. 

Comprehensive Physical Care in One Place

Whether you’re suffering from shoulder pain alone or have multiple causes of concern throughout your body, we’ll take care of you from head to toe. Our staff is equipped with dozens of years of experience treating the most severe to the most common injuries and muscle issues through effective physical therapy modalities.

We’ll work together to honor your time, your needs, your comfort level, and your pace of progress in a private, healthy, warm, friendly, and safe environment, promoting your overall health at every stage of your recovery.

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