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Hip Pain

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine has three locations to provide you with hip pain treatment. Visit us in Layton, Mountain Green, or North Ogden!

At Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, we don’t just want to help you recover from your pain and injuries. We also want to help you understand ways in which you can prevent future injuries and be safer during your physical activities, whether that’s just walking or whether it’s your profession.

Effective Physical Therapy for Hip Pain

Are you currently dealing with excruciating hip pain? At Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, we provide effective treatments for hip pain. We use functional treatments designed to help your body move properly, and feel it’s best. People dealing with pain in the hip are often told they need surgery. Our goal is to help our patients avoid surgery if it is possible. We want to ensure your body works and feels great. Using the right physical therapy treatments, we may be able to delay or prevent surgery on your hip. We also work with patients after surgery to ensure they receive the right treatments to feel better and recover faster.

Hip Pain and Exercise

We have found that individuals with hip osteoarthritis will benefit greatly from moderate physical therapy. In 2013 the Annuals of the Rheumatic Diseases did a study related to exercise and hip osteoarthritis. The study concluded that patients who exercised at least one hour twice a week for 12 weeks saw a 44 percent decrease in the need for hip surgery compared to those that did not exercise. Patients who are actively exercising will see an improvement in flexibility and the performance of physical activities.

We create individual treatment plans designed to improve physical function and postpone the need for total hip replacement in some patients based on how well their body responds to treatments. A complete recovery following a hip replacement can be time consuming for some people. We work with and your body to create a unique program that will strengthen your body and help you on the road to recovery. We work on improving hip strength, protecting your new joint, and finding ways to help with your day-to-day living.

Hip Replacement Post Surgery Layton, Mountain Green, and North Ogden

If you receive hip replacement, our physical therapy offices in Layton, North Ogden, or Mountain Green are here to help. You now have a polyethylene or plastic hip, which needs to have the right exercises to prevent pain. It is difficult to say which treatments we will use if we do not see your hip. Contact our office at 801.728.4624 to schedule an examination to discuss your case. We work directly with our patients to find ways to improve your hip and help you enjoy a longer, more active lifestyle.