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We work for you to get you back to the game of life!

Welcome to Layton Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

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Layton Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine is committed to providing quality care in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Through modern therapy approaches and treatment techniques, we are able to accelerate recovery, improve range of motion, and function without pain.

Our goal is to help patients achieve their maximal functional and personal fitness goals. We utilize the most advanced treatment methods to obtain maximal range of motion in a pain-free manner.

For over 20 years, people throughout Utah have relied on Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine. You will appreciate the individualized care and attention that only a locally owned and operated organization can provide to its patients.

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine is focused on helping patients achieve specific results and personal objectives. From swinging a hammer at work to swinging a golf club on the fairway. From walking to the mailbox to running a marathon. Tell us what matters to you. Let us help you find ways to reach your goals and get back to the game of life.

Layton Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine’s Services

Patients need physical therapy and sports medicine for a variety of reasons Our services include:

At Layton Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, we use modern therapy approaches and treatment techniques to help you get back to the activities you love. Unlike other physical therapists, we don’t want you to have to sit on the bench all season. We’ll do everything we can to make sure that you heal correctly and are strong enough to get back to the game of life.

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Whether you’ve injured yourself in a marathon or just pulled your back while raking up the leaves on your grass, Layton Physical Therapy and Sport Medicine is here to help. We are able to give individualized care and attention to you and your injury.

If you’ve been injured or have been experiencing pain in a specific area, don’t let it get worse. Get the treatment you need to start enjoying life again.

To start on your treatment, call Layton Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine today.


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Meet Our Therapists

Our friendly staff has a genuine interest in helping patients achieve their goals. We believe each patient’s situation and needs are unique and deserve customized care. As part of this philosophy of individualized care we schedule fewer appointments each day so we are able to spend more quality time with each patient. This leads to a better overall experience and a high level of success in meeting recovery goals.

Our Staff

What our patients say..

  • I had my first experience with dry needling and it was amazing! Before my appointment my shoulders and neck were extremely tense. After one session I noticed a huge difference! Not only did Alan make me feel very comfortable, but he throughly explained what he was doing and why. I highly recommend Alan and dry needling. I'm looking forward to my next appointment!

    Shelby, Draper, UT,

  • Amazing! I haven't been able to extend my back and felt that I had a brace on for almost a year now. Have been to doctors, chiropractors, had shots, etc. One visit trying the dry needling technique and went from 7% extension to at least 30%! All the staff at Layton P.T. & Sports Medicine are friendly. Massage therapist knows her stuff, believe me, I have had many massages. I am glad I didn't just rely on whatever the doctor chose out of the phone book and looked around for the latest technology. I don't do many of these reviews, but I feel for anyone who has back problems. I will be out sailing again soon! Thanks Alan!

    Tina, Clearfield, UT,

  • Absolutely Fantastic!!! After a shoulder injury and knee surgery, I was in a lot of pain. Alan and his staff have given me my life back. I tried Dry Needling and noticed immediate results in my range of motion and the swelling has gone down. And it was PAINLESS!!! I will miss this place when my treatments are over.

    Patti K - Layton, UT,

  • I wish I had searched out a treatment sooner! I have suffered with Achilles pain for several years. I prefer to maintain an active lifestyle but this pain was deterring me from doing things I love to do. I was becoming discouraged thinking I would just have to live with this pain forever. I read about a treatment called ASTYM, and agreed with the philosophy and wanted to give it a try. I found that Alan from Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, specializes in ASTYM. Upon meeting with him, He also introduced a treatment method called dry needling. This combination of treatments, I believe, has helped get me on the road to healing in just a few weeks. I’ve been able to run and be nearly pain free. Thanks to Alan and his staff for the renewed desire to be active again!

    S. Barrett, Layton, UT,

  • After a shoulder injury and knee injury, I was in a lot of pain. Layton Physical Therapy has given me back my life. I tried Dry Needling and I saw immediate results in my range of motion and the swelling has gone down considerably. It was painless and I will miss coming when my treatments are over!

    Patricia, Clearfield, UT,