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Why Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine has three locations to provide you with physical therapy services. Visit us in Layton, Mountain Green, or North Ogden!

At Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of people of all ages with medical problems, health conditions, and functional limitations that cause issues with range of motion and limit your ability to perform daily functions.  Our physical therapists are educated in the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of a wide variety of ailments.

Improving Health and Wellness

Improving patient health is our top priority. We know that many patients have a variety of symptoms and need to receive treatment to pinpoint the root of their pain. Each treatment method we use is unique and personalized to each patient’s individual needs.

Pain or Physical Limitations

If you have pain or physical limitations that persist, seeking the assistance of a Physical Therapist will provide long-lasting results. We utilize modern techniques and treatment methods to ensure you obtain the best physical potential to resume your day-to-day lifestyle or athletic goals at your full potential.

Our Services and Therapies

No matter what kind of pain or injury you are experiencing, we can help you along on the road to recovery or recommend someone that can. Our physical therapists specialize in the treatment of the following conditions and situations:

Improve Mobility and Motion

No matter what area of the body is hurting, physical therapists have a history of providing quality care to patients. A physical therapist will help you get back into the game of life. It is our job to help you move freely again without discomfort and pain. We can help prevent injuries altogether with the right treatment methods.

Physical therapists receive specialized education in modern science including human anatomy, physics, and kinesiology. We understand how the body works, and we know how to get your body moving properly once again. There are four major systems in the body that must be in balance to restore mobility – musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular/pulmonary, and integumentary (skin).

Avoid Surgery

Physical therapists will help you avoid invasive, painful, and expensive surgery through the right treatment. Physical therapy combined with medical management is as effective as surgery when you have pain and stiffness in the joints. We provide a complete at-home exercise regimen to help you avoid surgery.

Eliminate Pain

It is our job to locate and eliminate pain. With 80 percent of Americans suffering from back pain and other muscle ailments, we provide physical therapy treatments that mobilize the spine and can assist with exercises that alleviate pain. Visit our office for assistance with the treatment of pain that results from tendonitis, degenerative joint problems, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Physical therapy is a great alternative to medication and surgery. Individuals who receive physical therapy experience greater improvement and decreased pain intensity and function.

With over a decade of experience, you can trust that the medical personnel at Layton Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine are fully capable of giving you therapy and treatments that are customized for your condition. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at (801) 728-4624.

Why Choose Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

Modern Treatments

We help you on the road to recovery with modern treatment methods and new technology including ASTYM, dry needling, and more.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Improve healing time with treatments designed to enhance blood flow, strengthen muscles, and improve recovery.

Natural Healing Treatments

We use treatments designed to engage the body’s natural healing abilities.

Dry Needling

Improve day to day living with trained dry needling treatments.