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Do you wake up with a pain in your neck? Do you find yourself struggling on a daily basis with neck pain? Multiple research studies show that 30-70% of adults experience neck pain daily that inhibits them from enjoying life. If you have neck pain, call Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine! We have three convenient physical therapy locations in Layton, Mountain Green, and North Ogden.

We have good news….with the right treatment methods, we have been able to help our patients decrease pain, reduce inflammation, and improve posture. We often find many of our patients have neck pain as a direct result of poor posture and simple modalities can help to improve problems with neck pain. Strained muscles and ligaments, repetitive stress, and neck injuries are all culprits that cause daily pain.

Necks Change Over Time

Over the years, the body starts to wear down in different areas. The cervical spine is the top portion of the spine where we often see degenerative changes occur to the neck structure. Bone spurs often form at the vertebrae edges, causing thickening of the ligaments. We can spot problematic neck issues using X-rays where we can identify problems caused from stress, improper posture, and injuries. As it is common for degenerative issues to happen as we age, there are still daily stretches and at-home modalities that can be done to improve the neck.

Strain on the Neck Caused by the Head

Our necks are responsible for holding up the head, which averages 10-12 pounds. Just tilting your head changes the way the muscles and tendons hold together with the ligaments. Take a look at the way you use your neck daily to see if your posture is part of the reason for the neck pain. Do you hunch when you sit? Do you place your head against the backrest when you are driving? How high is your head propped up when you sleep?

Joint Pain

We have had patients deal with neck pain only to find the pain came from the joints. Osteoarthritis is normally the cause of pain for facet joints and normally causes stiffness and pain. We recommend visiting our physical therapists to discuss osteoarthritis and different range of motion options we can provide that help to reduce problems with stiffness.

Nerve Pain

Pinched nerves are a pain! These small nerves can lead to symptoms all over the body. Using the right techniques, we can release the pressure on the nerves, thereby removing the source of pain. Dry needling is an effective way to serious neck pain with pinched nerves. We also provide additional treatments to stretch out the neck and muscles and reduce inflammation.

To learn more about neck pain treatment, schedule an appointment with Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine today, 801-728-4624!