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Running Injuries

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine has three locations to provide you with Running Injury Treatment. Visit us in Layton, Mountain Green, or North Ogden.

Running Injuries & Therapy

Whether you are a frequent runner or just run occasionally for fun, you might be at risk for a running injury if you aren’t taking the proper safety measures. However, if you sustain a running injury, our physical therapists at Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine are well-trained and have lots of experience with diagnosing, treating, and rehabilitating a wide spectrum of running injuries.

Treatments and Prevention

While some physical therapy clinics focus only on helping you recover from the injury at hand, Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine goes beyond just addressing the symptoms. We search for the source of the problem. In addition, we:

  • Instruct you in ways to prevent future running injuries
  • Construct customized rehabilitation programs to keep you strong even while you recover
  • Suggest treatments that can speed up recovery time
  • Offer customized suggestions for your running style and body type
  • Make custom-fit foot orthotics to prevent injury and correct foot shapes
  • Perform a complete gait analysis
  • Alleviate common running injuries or ailments such as hip pain, shin splints, IT band syndrome, and more

We want to make sure that, while you’re in our care, we give you the knowledge necessary to keep your body protected while you run.

If you’ve tried everything you think there is to try in regard to recovering from your running injury, we recommend giving ASTYM a chance. Many patients who had given up on recovery have found relief with this technique.

When is Your Body Most Vulnerable?

There are times when you need to be more careful about your workout routine than you usually are. The following situations are some examples of times when your body might be more vulnerable to injury:

  • During the first four months of starting your running routine
  • When you increase the mileage and time of your running routine
  • When you run faster than you usually do
  • When returning to running after an injury

We want to help you know how much your body can take and how to go forward with your running in a healthy way. That’s why we include more than just treatment in our care of running injuries. Additionally, we have seen that getting early treatment can greatly increase your chances of full recovery, and we want nothing more than to get you running again.

To meet with one of our experienced sports injury specialists about your running injury, call Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine today at (801) 728-4624!