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Preventing Injuries during Your Favorite Activities

No one can really predict when an injury is going to happen, whether you slip on the ice outside or get hit a little too hard at football practice. There are many things, however, that you can do to protect yourself from injury long before the risks come up.

At Layton Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, we don’t just help people recover from the injuries they’ve already had. We also educate patients on ways to prevent injuries and give them customized materials according to the activities that they are invested in. To make injury prevention a more widespread practice, here are some useful tips.

Injury Prevention for Athletes

Whether you run and play sports recreationally or professionally, it is very important that you play safely and pay attention to injury prevention methods. Running, by itself or within a sport, can be very stressful to your joints, so taking every precaution will significantly reduce future discomfort and risk of injury.

Firstly, before you begin running or playing your sport, you need the right footwear. Wearing off-brand sneakers will likely not be enough to protect yourself from injury. Because those shoes would not be custom-made for your feet, you increase your risk for injury. However, buying custom shoes can be very expensive. The best strategy is to have custom inserts made for you to improve your alignment and running style.

Stretching is Important

Stretching will prepare your muscles for activity and will reduce the buildup of lactic acid once you stop playing or running. Additionally, when you’re muscles and joint are warmed up, you are much less likely to sustain an injury.

Before you begin your athletic activity, make sure you stretch. And, during your cool down, don’t immediately sit down on the couch. Make sure you stretch again and walk for a few minutes before you end your workout.

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