Our Services

Here at Layton Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, we have a large staff of physical therapists, sports medicine therapists, and clinical personnel that are all dedicated to promoting the health of the clients we see and helping you recover in the shortest amount of time possible.

Physical Therapy

physical therapy south OgdenOn a regular basis, we see patients with a wide variety of pain and injuries. With every patient, we want to help rehabilitate the injury and help the patient prevent future injury through informative physical therapy methods and education. Our areas of physical therapy expertise include:

If you have an injury or are experiencing pain, call us first! We can either get you an appointment or refer you to someone who is more than capable of helping you recover quickly.

Sports Medicine

In addition to our specialized physical therapists, we have a team of sports medicine experts that have lots of experience with recreational and professional athletes. With a combination of injury prevention, dietary suggestions, physical therapy, and other sports medicine strategies, we will help you protect your body and prevent injury during your physical activities. Our sports medicine therapists can help you with:

Our sports medicine team works with athletic trainers and physical therapists to customize training and/or rehabilitation programs that will work best to help you keep up your strength and health at all times, whether you are on or off the field.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from sports medicine. If you play a sport recreationally, are an amateur athlete, or are training for a marathon, our sports medicine group can give you suggestions that will help you along the way.

To schedule an appointment with either our physical therapists or our sports medicine therapists, call Layton Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine at (801) 896-9624 now!