Treatment of Chronic Headaches

It is a little known fact that physical therapists can aid in the treatment of chronic headaches as well as other musculoskeletal pain or injury. However, not all chronic headaches can be treated with physical therapy. Your initial evaluation will let us know whether Layton Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine will be able to help you recover and get relief from your headaches.

What Types of Headaches Are Treated with Physical Therapy?

Before beginning treatment for your chronic headaches, our physical therapists will perform an initial evaluation to determine what methods to use for your headache relief. This is a very important step in the process because some headaches have a deeper underlying cause that might not be treatable with physical therapy.

Sometimes, headaches are caused by a small joint problem in the face or neck. Other times, the headaches could be triggered by small muscle spasms or by general muscles tension. If your headaches are being caused by one of those problems, the physical therapists at Layton Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine will be able to help.

chronic headaches treatmentHow Do We Treat Headaches?

Once we have determined that it would be beneficial to treat a patient’s headache with physical therapy, we proceed with stretching and manual therapy to alleviate all or some of the pain that a patient is experiencing. If the physical therapist can, for sure, identify the source of the headaches, there is a chance that physical therapy will eliminate the chronic headaches altogether.

During treatment, our physical therapists look for trigger points that might be contributing to your headache. Once those are found, they can take steps to make that part of the head less of a problem.

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