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When it comes to finding an Ogden sports medicine doctor to treat you, it is important to do your research and find the right person to treat you. We have dealt with all types of sports injuries and problems at our North Ogden, Layton, and Mountain Green physical therapy and sports medicine clinics. We have found that far too many people come to us after receiving treatment from another therapist, only to find they haven’t received any results. Our job is to focus on helping you tap into your bodies natural healing ability and help you get back to the game of life. Once you know you have found a certified physical therapist with the right credentials, here are 4 steps to help you find the best Ogden sports medicine doctor!

Step # 1 – Realistic Timeline for Treatment

The most important part of a patient treatment plan is to have a realistic timeline. Each time you visit our clinic, we will update your timeline based on how well your body is healing and responding to treatments.

A physical therapist needs to care about you and will have your best interests in mind when establishing a treatment plan. If your body isn’t progressing the way we have set goals for, we can come up with a different plan of action to properly treat your sports injury.

Step # 2 – Modern Treatment Methods

A physical therapist needs to be comfortable handling a number of different treatments and modalities, but they shouldn’t stop there. Modern treatment methods are always changing and have been able to improve the health and well-being of many patients. Such treatments include ASTYM, dry needling, and custom foot orthotics. Treatments need to be tailored to the patient and their specific needs.

If you have a specific injury, your physical therapist should have prior experience treating similar injuries. Runners want to work with a physical therapist with experience with plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, stress fractures, calf pain, shin pain, and more.

Working with a doctor with experience will ensure that you have the right treatments as they know the type of pain you are dealing with, and they can assist in developing an exercise treatment that will reduce stress on the foot, shin, and ankle while they focus on healing.

Step # 3 – At Home Treatments You Can Actually Do

One of the major problems patients face in their recovery plan is actually finding time to do the treatments. If you don’t quite understand how to do the treatment at home, ask us. Our experts can provide telehealth visits and walk you through the at-home treatment plan.

We focus on making our at-home treatments easy to do so you won’t need to become frustrated as you work on a certain modality. It is important to do stretches and at-home treatment in order to start seeing results. We will work hard to do our part, and make it easy for you to be able to do yours!

Step # 4- Feeling Comfortable

It’s not fun to deal with any type of rehab from a sports injury. We know how frustrating it can be, and how irritating it can feel to be laid up for weeks or months at a time. We make sure we are doing everything we can to help your body start healing and get you back out enjoying your favorite activity again.

Our team will be spending a great deal of time working with you, so we focus on making sure you feel comfortable in our office and with our treatments. Contact us to learn more about our patient treatments and what to expect when you come in for your first examination.

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is proud to serve Northern Utah residents. We have three convenient locations to choose from, Layton, North Ogden, and Mountain Green. Call us today to schedule your appointment!