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Back pain Layton UtahMillions of Americans suffer from back pain. This type of pain can become so crippling that it may lead you to search for medicines and methods you can use to relieve the pain. A number of people will try stretching and inversion therapy before they contact us. If we can offer any advise related to back pain, don’t wait! Contact our office immediately as you could be doing your body a great disservice. At Layton Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, we specialize in treating back pain and a variety of ailments. It is our job to ensure your back feels good and is working the way it should! Here are some of our back pain treatment methods and at-home tips to use to help you get back to the game of life.

Active Physical Therapy – Back Pain Exercises

Some of our clients are able to perform in office and at-home back stretching services. We focus on active physical therapy to aid in rehabilitating the spine. Patients suffering from low back pain need active physical therapy as it helps with exercising and stretching the spine. If you are not performing the exercises properly, it can lead to extensive pain or could injure other areas of the spine or body.

Passive Physical Therapy

Passive physical therapy is determined when there is the need for heat application, ice packs or electro-stimulation to assist in reducing pain, inflammation and swelling. Heat tends to loosen the muscle, preparing it for stretching. We also use dry needling, which allows us to alleviate pain and inflammation in the muscles.

Physical Therapy Before and After Surgery

We recommend all patients dealing with back pain should visit with Dr. Kerbs before and after surgery. There is substantial evidence supporting the benefits of physical therapy and exercise before and after surgery. Our goal is to improve the strength of your back, hopefully preventing you from needing surgery. However, if surgery is required, our post-operation procedures are designed to reduce the recovery time.

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