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Dry Needling for CrossFit AthletesOne program that tests the body more than any other workout is CrossFit. Athletes that train with CrossFit focus on testing the stability and mobility of their muscles. Without the correct mobility, athletes can end up increasing the risk of injury. To restore optimal mobility, a number of CrossFit athletes are turning to dry needling. Dry needling is a therapeutic technique that uses small filament needles gently inserted into the body to decrease muscle contractions and decrease pain. At Layton Physical Therapy, we recommend dry needling for CrossFit athletes as it does address the source of pain instead of simply treating ongoing pain.

Success with Dry Needling For CrossFit Athletes

Several patients have seen significant results in mobility from dry needling. Athletes work directly with our therapists to improve performance and reduce the risk of repeat injury to return to CrossFit training. Sometimes the nervous system works hard against the range of motion and will not allow the muscles to relax. When the muscles are incapable of relaxing, dry needling is one of the only methods that will be able to help them relax.

How Dry Needling Helps Athletes

Dry needling targets the neurological response that is built up in the muscles. Sometimes the muscles receptors are stimulated too frequently during exercise over the years, which is what causes the muscles to become tight and restrict your full range of motion. The trigger points are the main point of what we focus on with dry needling, which is what makes a major difference from dry needling to acupuncture. When the needle is inserted into the trigger point, it will cause the muscle to start relaxing. The movement will start to come back once the trigger point begins to relax.

Our Dry Needling Treatment  Method

We use dry needling in conjunction with other joint mobilization during visits to help the muscles relax. Patients undergoing dry needling treatments feel an immediate change in the muscle quality and function. We have found dry needling to be one of the most effective treatments for chronic pain, acute pain, and rehabilitation from injuries.

Upon receiving proper dry needling treatments, patients will be given a series of treatments to follow at home. Home exercises will carryover the new change that has been made to the muscles during dry needling treatment.

What to Expect After Dry Needling

Dry needling has few side effects from other therapy methods. Patients may experience light bruising after the treatment or slight tenderness on the insertion site. Multiple treatments are necessary for patients dealing with difficult knots in the muscles that are having a hard time relaxing.

If you are dealing with stubborn or chronic pain, call Layton Physical Therapy today. Our team will help you if you are suffering with chronic or stubborn muscle tissues that will not relax. Dry needling for CrossFit athletes is an effective way to improve your muscles and overall range of motion. Call today to schedule a dry needling appointment (801)896-9624!