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Dry Needling for ACL Tears

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine has three locations to provide you with dry needling. Visit us in Layton, Mountain Green, or North Ogden!

When it comes to ACL tears and repairs, no two injuries are the same. Here at Layton Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, we specialize in a variety of treatments designed to reduce pain and restore motion to the body. ACL problems plaque patients, especially those that are active and participate in sports. ACL injuries range from moderate to severe, requiring many patients to undergo invasive surgeries to repair the problem. However, we do provide alternative treatments and therapy designed to help restore motion, reduce pain, and speed up the healing time.

ACL Dry Needling Treatment

Range of motion is restored with dry needling by increasing blood flow to the area. Proper blood flow allows the body to begin its natural healing process. Using small filament needles, Dr. Alan Kerbs will gently insert them into key muscles surrounding the area. He will locate the trigger points, or the areas that are causing pain to the knee. As the muscles contract due to the filament needle, they will eventually release, causing relief to many patients.

Strengthening the Knee

As the knee starts to improve, we may combine dry needling with other therapy techniques to reduce pain and restore range of motion. Each patient responds differently to the various treatments, so it is vital to work with our physical therapist in Layton to find the best treatments for your ACL pain. We want to help our patients have a full return to their lifestyle, whether that be simple exercising or competing in a variety of sports.

Strengthening the Knee Before Surgery

If your regular doctor has recommended knee surgery, we recommend contacting our Layton physical therapy office first. When dealing with ACL repair, a short bout of strength and condition prior to surgery can help to speed up the healing time following surgery. Of course, the outcome is different for each patient based on your personal health condition and extent of injury. Working immediately with Dr. Alan Kerbs and Layton Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is the best choice you can make to rehab your body following an ACL injury.