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COVID 19 Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine – We are Committed to your Health and Safety!

Our top priority is the health and safety of our patients. Each one of our locations has always maintained a high standard of cleanliness as outlined per OSHA and the CDC. With the recent Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) concern, many of our patients have contacted us to find out what our response is.

As it stands, we are keeping all three of our physical therapy practices open. We will adhere to all continued cleanliness standards issues by the CDC including:

  • Requesting patients to remain home if they are unhealthy
  • Mandatory hand-washing requirements for our team members
  • Cleaning the tables, doors, equipment and rooms after each use
  • Performing nightly deep cleaning of each clinic

We will continue monitoring the CDC recommendations to ensure we are following the latest information pertaining to COVID-19 and the safety of our patients, our employees, and our communities.