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car accident physical therapy Have you been injured in an auto accident? Car accident injuries can hamper your ability to feel good about your life. However, with the right physical therapy services, you can easily overcome a number of ailments and get back to living your life. We provide car accident physical therapy services designed to reduce swelling, manage pain, and bring you back to your best following surgery and injuries sustained in a vehicle accident.

Common Physical Therapy Treatments for Car Accidents

Injuries from a car accident are painful, stressful, and can make it difficult to perform routine tasks. The pain from injuries often progresses over time and makes it challenging to get through the day without medication and other temporary pain-relief symptoms. If you want to avoid pain medications and surgery, Layton Physical Therapy can help! Research shows that there are several benefits to initiating physical therapy care within 96 hours of a car accident. The sooner you get into our office, the faster we will be able to determine the best care options for your health.

How Physical Therapy Helps Treat Pain after Motor Vehicle Accidents

At Layton Physical Therapy, we focus on not only treating your pain, but identifying the best course of action to relieve and prevent additional pain. Our therapists have training in the latest treatments for pain relief including dry needling. Our team will gather information about the severity of the accident, discuss the types of treatments you are receiving, and create a personalized patient treatment program to assist with your healing. We use a combination of exercises, treatments, and modalities to improve your health and strengthen your body. There are a number of treatment methods used for car accident injuries including:

  • Acute treatments –these treatments include manual therapies that focus on light pumping exercises and other hands-on techniques.
  • Long term treatments – based on the severity of the injury, we may recommend using long-term treatments including manual therapies and strengthening exercises designed to reduce pain and strengthen the body.

Whiplash Treatment

If you are suffering from whiplash from a motor vehicle accident, we can help! Our team uses a number of active treatments designed to reduce pain and inflammation in the neck and back. We often find neck rotation and posture control are two areas that assist in reducing neck pain. Layton Physical Therapy uses other active treatments that will strengthen the neck and improve the way you feel. Call us immediately to start treatment for whiplash injuries as there is a small window of time for us to help prevent long-term issues.

Long Term Car Accident Injuries

Some people will not experience pain after a car accident, but eventually notice pain developing in other areas of the body. We can diagnose where there may be acute pain symptoms and identify the source and provide an effective treatment.

Why You Need Physical Therapy after a Car Accident

If you need surgery after a car accident, your body will start to alter the way it works to compensate for the injured area. It is important to work on physical therapy treatments as soon as possible to prevent long-term changes to the function and movement of the muscles and joints. Physical therapy after a car accident can help to reduce or eliminate the following:

  • Back pain
  • Whiplash
  • Headaches related to muscle tension

Our goal is to improve function and modality of your body after a car accident. Call our office to discuss your car accident case and schedule an appointment for treatment today.