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5 Most Common Causes Of Back Pain

Back pain will be experienced by just about everyone at one point in time during your lifespan.  This often sudden and debilitating pain or long term aching and discomfort can affect your daily actions and lifestyle.  Understanding back pain causes can help you not only in working with your doctor for diagnosis, but allow you to be more prepared and effective in back pain prevention as well.  Here are the five most common causes of back pain:

  • Back pain such as strains or sprains caused by overuse or misuse of your back muscles can account for most back pain felt by the average individual.  Most common back pain relating to sprains and strains can occur because of improper positioning of your back during exercise or activity.  These sprains and strains will often heal on their own within a week or so.
  • Injury is another common cause of back pain.  Whether caused by repeated overuse or misuse or during an accident, back pain that is caused by an injury can take much longer to heal.  Where a simple strain will heal on its own, often an injury will require medical intervention, medication, and even specific exercises and physical therapy.
  • Improper posture, sitting for long periods of time, and even inactivity can cause back pain as pressure on nerves begins to build.  Inactivity can lead to back pain because the muscles and ligaments used to support your entire body weight are weak and don’t support properly allowing your nerves to rub or pinch.  Learning the proper positions for exercise as well as learning not to slouch at the computer or when watching TV can help to prevent back pain.
  • Illnesses or degenerative diseases can cause back pain.  For some these illnesses will last a lifetime and the pain will never fully resolve.  Other illnesses are more short term and can cause pain that can be relieved with treatment and the return to health.  When dealing with back pain caused by an illness it is important to get proper medical care and follow those care directions.
  • Fractures or other physical damage to areas of your spine will also cause back pain.  Pain caused by actual damage to areas of your spine will require more intense medical treatments for repair and require longer healing times.  Often back pain that is caused by physical damage to your spine or nerves will never go away completely but will only be lessened over time.

While there are many different causes of back pain, the truth is that many of them can be effectively prevented or dealt with as you choose an effective and healthy lifestyle pattern.  A healthy diet and exercise routine can be a great way to help prevent back pain.  Making sure that you get the right vitamins and minerals through the right foods and supplements can be important.

In addition, take the time to learn about your body and the important things you can do to take care of it and strengthen it.  These include things such as learning what exercises will help strengthen your core, and how to increase physical activity each day to ensure the overall health of muscles will help.  For more information, contact Layton Physical Therapy today at 801-896-9624.

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